Marketing Ops' Next Frontier [New eBook]

DocumentThumbnail_Landscape_OutboundDemandGeneBook_v0.1I’ve been working on this “Marketing Operations’ Next Frontier” ebook a while…probably too long if you ask some of my colleagues. And while it’s quite comprehensive and covers several topics, it’s not as complete as I originally envisioned.

But this is good news for all you “hopefully will-be” readers, because if I’d kept to my original plan, it would’ve amounted to about 60 pages. And nobody wants that.

Instead, this ebook is a concise 22 pages and will serve as the foundation for an in-progress Marketing Ops “playbook.” There will be many more marketing ops resources to come in the following months.

Here’s a snapshot of which Marketing Operations Playbook works on the horizon:

New eBook: “Marketing Ops’ Next Frontier: Scaling programs by integrating outbound demand generation”

…which is now available to download here. This eBook covers:      

  • Why inbound marketing alone can't produce the demand businesses require
  • How integrating and automating outbound demand generation programs leads to cleaner data, faster lead velocity, more visibility and greater sales pipeline
  • Ways to start making outbound more like inbound
  • What to look for in an outbound demand gen automation solution

New Workbook: “Creating a Customized Lead Velocity Formula”

We’ll follow the eBook with another workbook, which should come out in September 2015. The importance of lead velocity and several ways to calculate it is outlined in the eBook published today, but the workbook will provide more specifics on how to tailor a velocity formula to your specific needs. It’ll also provide helpful tables and graphs.

New Customer Story: …I can’t name the company right now…

…because it’s going through approvals. But in my humble opinion, it’s an awesome story that highlights some very innovative things being done by marketing ops industry luminaries.

Previously released works that fall under the playbook can be read anytime and include:

[Infographic] Causes and Consequences of Dirty Data

[Workbook] Creating a Marketing Tech Blueprint

[Research Report] Prospect Data Quality Index

[White Paper] Guide to Integrated Marketing Systems

[Customer Story] Five9 Increases Pipeline Value

If there are any marketing ops topics or content types you’d like to see Integrate develop, please let me know -- I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.



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