Illustrating and Analyzing Your Marketing Architecture

BlueprintWorkbook_Thumbnail_v0.1The marketing technology landscape is crowded. And the proliferation of martech solutions isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, Scott Brinker’s annual Marketing Tech Landscape Supergraphic grew by 98% to 1,876 vendors between 2014 and 2015.

While the explosion of marketing solutions presents vast opportunities for marketers, identifying the right martech investments has become a daunting process.

Solution identification became a bit easier a couple weeks ago when Heinz marketing published the Marketing Tech Landscape Directory (an Excel spreadsheet of all supergraphic vendors) to enable easy vendor sorting and tracking via 43 categories and subcategories. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend downloading it.

Today, Integrate is releasing another resource to further enable marketers to make informed technology decisions: The Marketing Tech Blueprint Workbook.

Get the Marketing Tech Blueprint Workbook here.

Marketing tech blueprints are quickly becoming a necessary resource for any forward-thinking marketing organization. A case in point: Cynthia Gumbert, VP Digital and New Accounts Marketing at CA Technologies is presenting “The Martech Blueprint Imperative” at next week’s MarTech Conference in San Francisco. (Cynthia will be presenting on March 31st at 10:05am)

Martech blueprints enable you to visualize your current marketing architecture, the ways your systems/tools connect with each other (or don’t), the processes they support, and how they affect customer experience and marketing’s value to the business. Most importantly, they help you identify which martech solutions you need to advance your marketing efforts.

Integrate’s Marketing Tech Blueprint Workbook provides step-by-step guidance through the development, analysis and use of your customized blueprint:

  1. How to take inventory of your technologies
  2. How to align technologies with marketing processes
  3. How to illustrate your blueprint
  4. How to analyze the blueprint
  5. And how to use it

And with fillable PDF tables and a PowerPoint template, you’ll have everything you need to get started making smarter marketing decisions for your organization. If you’d appreciate some assistance in developing your blueprint, we’re always here to help.



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