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Blog_OpenLetterGraphic_v0.2In less than two weeks, thousands of fellow marketers and I will head off to San Francisco and Vegas for MarTech Conference and Oracle Modern Marketing Experience, followed by Marketo Marketing Nation Summit just two weeks later. We’ll submerse ourselves in the experience of the most innovative and advanced aspects of marketing today. Keynote speakers will inspire and session presenters aim to impress. Marketers will share stories of grand accomplishments using innovative technologies.

It might be easy to walk away with the feeling that all of marketing is connected, automated…a smooth running machine. That our decisions are always predictive and our data always accurate. But don’t be fooled. This movement towards automation is very much a journey… one on which many of us have made some progress and a few have taken great strides.

Despite how effortless those few make it appear, it’s not easy being a marketer in today’s customer- and tech-driven world. We must learn more about our customers, leverage new channels, process more data…improve our messaging, creative and tactics – all while identifying, learning and utilizing new technologies and striving towards ever-growing revenue goals. I get it. I’m in it. I live it every day. Truth be told…the demands can be overwhelming at times.

It’s in these times we must remember to take a deep breath. Look back at where our organizations were a year ago and it’s suddenly easy to see just how far we’ve come. We must remember to celebrate the progress we make along the way.

The reality is that transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but is rather a slow and steady process. And the most important thing is that we continue to make progress – automating where technology allows, eliminating the mind-numbingly manual work that often takes over our days so that we can fully invest our energy into stand-out marketing that creates customer- and business-value.

With the rich content of the events we’re all about to attend, we should be able to walk away with enough inspiration to guide us through the some of the work that lies ahead. If we keep our ears open to what’s working and what’s not, take notes, collaborate with peers, get excited – if we bring the knowledge and inspiration back home and put it to work – our time will be well spent.

While planning your agendas for the industry’s best marketing tech conferences, here are a couple of sessions you won’t want to miss:

MarTech Conference

“The Marketing Blueprint Imperative”
When: March 31st at 10:05am
Who: Cynthia Gumbert, VP Digital and New Accounts Marketing, CA Technologies
Why: Creating a martech blueprint is an imperative practice in your quest to automate. Cynthia will share how the blueprint process helps identify roadblocks and areas for improvement in your current marketing stack so you can better deliver on initiatives.                                                                                                                          

Oracle Modern Marketing Experience

“Automating Lead Gen to Eliminate Dirty Data from Nurture Tracks”
When: April 1st at 1:30pm
Who: Scott Vaughan, CMO, Integrate
Why: When we step back and look at the big picture, it’s easy to see that much of marketing is still manual, draining resources and slowing productivity. Scott will shed some light on the archaic demand and lead gen processes plaguing most marketing organizations and share how Docusign, TIBCO, Five9 and others are automating demand gen to reap big rewards.

As we prepare for Scott’s session, we’re diving deep into the core challenges facing demand gen organizations today. If you would take a quick second to answer our “One Big Question: Demand Gen Challenges” survey, we'd value your input. You can enter your email address at the bottom to receive a copy of the results when we close the question.

We’d love to connect with you at MarTech Conference, MME or Marketing Nation. We’re happy to share what we’re learning from our marketing customers and discuss how we’re approaching the very same challenges you’re facing today. A few of our best a brightest will be in the audience at MarTech Conference. Follow us @integrate to find out who. Feel free to stop by Booth 321 at MME or Marketing Nation. And if you’d like to share a toast, or two, please join us at the two hottest parties at MME this year. Here are the details so you can RSVP.

b2b-marketing-fusion-party                post-markie-celebration

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a ton to do over the next ten days before you hit the skies. So let’s get to it. Keep calm and march on.


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