From the Experts: How MarTech-AdTech Collision Impacts Demand Generation

Whitepaper_DemandGenReimagined_ThumbnailsThe convergence of adtech and martech has gained momentum over recent months.

The topic has certainly been discussed for years, but a wave of articles has flooded the industry as “marketing cloud” ambitions and integrated platform capabilities become more than just talk.

Notable martech analysts, influencers and vendor execs have all recently published on the subject:

1. Martin Kihn, “Mar-Tech and Ad-Tech: A Shotgun Wedding?” 

Great article following up his piece in AdExchanger argues that, while discussion of convergence is strong, complete buy-in among leading marketing tech firms remains limited at best.

2. David Raab, “Marketing Technology of the Future: Beyond the Customer Data Platform Monday” 

Mr. Raab discusses the inevitability of the convergence as anonymity decreases and marketers become more ambitious and capable of piecing together complete pictures of their audience.  

3. Dave Birckhead, “When Adtech Meets Martech” 

This is likely the most comprehensive article on the topic to date. It defines adtech and martech, dives into the current industry state of each, and then addresses exactly how and why, in his opinion, they are converging. While I somewhat disagree with his point that DMPs are central to this convergence, it’s a must-read article.

4. Brandon Hartness, “MarTech Convergence = Job Convergence” 

In a point that I highly agree with (and is discussed at length in Integrate’s new whitepaper), Brandon argues that the growing number and need for data-savvy marketers is influencing the convergence. Such marketing techies can handle sophisticated ad-buying systems, and would prefer to keep all tech in house rather than outsource to agencies, which has historically been the case.

We here at Integrate often discuss the topic of adtech-martech convergence among ourselves – especially regarding how it relates to demand generation. And during one of our delightful late-Friday-afternoon conversations on marketing tech industry developments, Scott Vaughan suggested that we write up our thoughts in a whitepaper – so we did, and I think it fits into this top 5 post pretty well.

5. Integrate, "Demand Gen Reimagined: How Converging MarTech and AdTech Affects Demand Marketing"

In the paper, we boil down what we see as the primary factors leading to this convergence and how each of them is affecting demand marketing organizations:

  • Profusion of data
  • Configurable marketing clouds and platforms
  • Integrated distribution channels
  • Increasingly data-savvy marketers

Get your free copy now so you can move beyond the industry lingo to understand how the shifting tech landscape is bound to impact you.



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