Modifying Content Marketing Strategy to Increase ABM Results

engagio webinar blog graphic.pngIt’s quite possible that I’ve missed the discussion (I certainly don’t read every B2B marketing blog post or article), but amid all the account-based marketing (ABM) discussions on selecting target accounts, engaging account decision-makers and tracking program results, it seems as if there’s been little industry talk about how all this affects your content strategy.

The Integrate ABM program development workbook released last year touched on the subject a bit; however, even that wasn’t a comprehensive dive into the topic. 

The good news is that implementing an ABM program doesn’t require you to completely overhaul your current content marketing strategy. It’s more recalibration than revolution.

Though not as daunting as some may initially think, a little guidance is very helpful. For this reason, Engagio and Integrate team up to host a webinar titled: “How to Evolve Content Marketing Strategy for an ABM World.”

This 45-minute webinar features leading practitioners from Uberflip, Influitive, Engagio and Integrate sharing how to make content work for your ABM initiatives.

The webinar covers:

  • How to take your existing content and evolve the messaging for ABM use
  • How to create commercial insights and win the trust of an account
  • How to scale creation and distribution of ABM content
  • Effective targeting and acquisition of decision-makers within target accounts
  • Technology and techniques that can make this all easier


 hana abaza.pngCassandra Jowette.pngCharlie Liang.pngKate Athmer.png

You can watch the webinar anytime right here to learn how to evolve your content strategy alongside your account-based marketing efforts.



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