How to Operationalize ABM with Predictive Analytics & Demand Generation

ABM_predictive_mintigo_integrate_webinar.pngAccount-based marketing (ABM), predictive analytics and demand generation are all well-established elements of B2B marketing. And, when done right, they increase each other’s value.

Applying predictive data to demand generation efforts significantly amplifies ABM success. Without predictive analytics, it’s incredibly difficult to properly identify the accounts you should be targeting. And without an efficient demand gen operation, it’s a struggle to efficiently engage the decision-making committees at those accounts. But how do you connect and operationalize demand gen to act on predictive data and ensure ABM success?

On Thursday, April 14, Scott Vaughan (CMO, Integrate) and Atul Kumar (Chief Product Officer, Mintigo) will be discussing specific and tangible steps to execute an effective ABM program using predictive analytics and demand marketing technology.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why predictive analytics is critical to identifying true target accounts
  • The steps needed to gain the predictive data that identifies the most profitable account characteristics
  • Why an integrated outbound marketing program coupled with predictive data is key to engaging target accounts
  • How to put predictive data into action with automated outbound demand gen technology
  • The most effective ways to actively measure your target account penetration and ABM program ROI

Join Mintigo and Integrate as we explore practical ways to operationalize ABM within your organization. This is a must-attend session for anyone in B2B marketing operations, demand generation, sales operations and customer marketing.  

Webinar: Jumpstart Account-Based Marketing with Predictive & Outbound Demand Generation




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