Getting the Most Out of Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2015

Blog-Post-MME-Post2_v0.1Modern Marketers are the new breed of pros hell-bent on mastering the art and science of marketing. These are the marketers that have jumped in with both feet embodying the Internet-inspired revolution of the customer being in the driver’s seat; they have committed to becoming marketing technology experts. At the core, they:

  • Are data-driven

  • Understand with specificity the components of their marketing mix that are driving meaningful interactions along specific stages of the customer journey

  • Customize messages to a highly targeted audience, across multiple devices and channels, over a specific period of time

These are the marketers set to converge in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 2 at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience 2015 (#MME2015).  And, it is not by chance that the term “modern marketer” was popularized by the Eloqua team (now part of Oracle).

Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing considers MME one of the best marketing events of the year. The gathering offers an unprecedented opportunity to gain insights from experts in marketing automation, social marketing, content marketing, and Big Data in one place. So it is no surprise the attendees are going for two reasons: to learn and to meet other marketers with a common passion. 

In fact, meeting fellow Eloquans and Topliners community members is a top draw. So much real-world knowledge can be gathered and put into practice by other marketers trying to figure out the same challenges.

The comments and excitement in Eloqua’s Topliners and Oracle’s Marketing Cloud Advocate’s HQ abound.  Says one marketing pro who is planning to attend, “[I’m] looking forward to learning from the amazing speaker lineup this year. Whoo hoo MME15“!  Another says, “I'm totally excited about all of the breakout sessions. I can't learn enough about Eloqua and how my peers are using it to market to their customers.” 

MME 2015 is chock full of discussions and presentations that should help the modern marketer build their expertise. The sessions have a couple common areas of focus: how to drive qualified leads into the pipeline and how to measure performance.  Here is a link the full Oracle MME agenda.

On the first day alone, there are breakout sessions, including: “Revenue Performance Management: Intro to Best Practices” and “Developing a Mobile Strategy.” There are also technically focused sessions like “Best Practice: Demystifying Deliverability.” All essential knowledge for today’s modern marketer.

And of course, you won't want to miss Integrate CMO Scott Vaughan's presentation: “Automating Lead Gen to Eliminate Dirty Data from Nurture Tracks" on April 1st at 1:30pm. Scott will discuss how archaic demand gen processes continue to plague most marketing organizations and share how businesses such as Docusign, TIBCO, Five9 are automating third-party demand gen to reap big rewards.

With all the big ideas and how-to content and thousands of fellow modern marketers, how can you make sure you get the most from the event?  Veteran conference attendees recommend that you:

  • Plan Your Agenda: You wouldn’t take a trip without having your route mapped. Do the same with MME: identify in advance the sessions most relevant to the current projects you’re working on.

  • Divide and Conquer:  If you are attending with teammates, split up and attend different sessions, then share and compare notes after the fact. 

  • Attend the Markies:  This big awards ceremony is on April 1 evening and will honor marketing excellence and celebrate success. This is a great way to make new contacts with peers who are doing big things in marketing.

  • Share: The whole idea of Eloqua Experience is to network and be inspired.  Share your table, share thoughts. This is an opportunity to meet new people and reignite relationships with old friends.

  • Have fun:  We take our careers seriously and much to learn, but very ok to attend the social events and parties happening during the conference.  Here are a few fun events not to be missed are the B2B Marketing Fusion Party and the Post Markie Celebration. You can RSVP here:

 post-markie-celebration b2b-marketing-fusion-party

Conferences like Oracle Modern Marketing Experience are the ideal way to ensure that your company gets the most from their Oracle Marketing Cloud investment. Most importantly, it helps you advance your career, using modern marketing techniques to up your knowledge and game.



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