8 Marketing Phrases We Love To Overuse

MarketingThesaurusLike our marketing peers representing companies from across the land, the Integrate marketing team has been knee deep thinking through strategies and tactics for 2015. These brainstorming sessions have provided many ideas resulting from a review our 2014 marketing hits, misses and “I’m not sure what happened” moments. 

The more we got into our review, I caught myself (and others) repeatedly using tired buzzwords and phrases – basically, a lot of words that only make sense to a few insiders. Isn’t marketing supposed to be the truth well told? Aren’t we marketers supposed to make things easier to understand? 

After some research, I discovered that the web was riddled with cliché marketing words and phrases. So for fun as we enter 2015, here are a few of the Integrate marketing team’s “over-done and tired” marketing phrases. Like Aunt Ethel’s Fruitcake, they need to disappear as part of a bygone era. By the way, you’ll see these and more, we’re sure, throughout the Integrate blog and marketing in general.

“Modern Marketing” 

Easy and somewhat lazy way of saying marketing that utilizes data and is digital at its core. It really doesn’t mean anything to anybody.


Fancy word for buyer research.  Most consumers and business pros I know do not go on a journey, they are doing their job or looking for something.  I know the “funnel” is not linear but let’s think of a better word.


This has become the modern-day term describing things you can’t explain or simply don’t exist. It’s today’s “boil the ocean”-like phrase.  

“Mad Men to Math Men” 

We’ve been using this one for nearly 5 years…or however long that goofy cable show about 60’s era advertising has been going on. 


This is a debatable one because it comes up all the time from ballpark outings to Thanksgiving dinner celebrations.  Since all marketing tech is cloud-based these days and the big dog providers – you know who you are – want their “cloud” to be better and more important than any others.


Copy or communications that include this word should be killed immediately. A prime example of lazy writing and communications. We can do better!


Marketing’s new calling card when we don’t want to be grouped with those non-measuring, old school brand types of marketers. It’s almost as bad as the “Mad Men” phrase.

“Big Data

This phrase means something different to everybody you talk with.  Data – big, small or medium – is important.  Eliminate the noise and focus on data and metrics that truly create high-impact action to drive your business.

We made a resolution to avoid hackneyed terms and phrases that mean little to anyone but insiders.  2015 is a new year and a fresh start for all of us.  Let’s use words and phrases our customers can all understand!




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