Rackspace Builds Outbound Demand Generation Engine to Propel Sales Pipeline

Rackspace_case_study.pngMarketers these days work diligently to establish strong inbound marketing programs that, more often than not, boost awareness and generate a solid sales pipeline. However, as is so often the case in B2B marketing, after several quarters of surging results, inbound results slow and in many cases growth plateaus.

It wasn’t any different for Rackspace. As Ben Staley, Rackspace Marketing Programs Manager, put it:

“Rackspace’s meteoric rise was founded on inbound marketing. But now we’re all about building our outbound strategy since our inbound is firmly established.”

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Rackspace needed to get its content out where its target audiences were having relevant conversations – this was the path to scale. But as with any great strategy, the idea is one thing…executing that idea is another.

Ben and the Rackspace marketing team quickly found that orchestrating a robust outbound marketing program was difficult:

“The number of channels used to drive demand is so vast – it’s not hard to get leads, it’s hard to get the ones you need and convert them.” –Ben Staley

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Rackspace_customer_story_quote.pngAn effective outbound demand generation program is a big machine with many moving parts – numerous media partners, assets, channels, data formats, and more. Orchestrating all these demand gen elements effectively is a substantial investment in time, energy and budget. Success rests on a marketing team’s ability to:

Equipped with a great strategy, an experienced team and effective tools, Rackspace tackled these challenges head on. And the team’s efforts have paid off:


Read the story: “Rackspace Streamlines & Accelerates Outbound Marketing to Drive Pipeline” and see how you can scale business.




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