RES Automates Top-Funnel Digital Marketing to Scale Demand Generation

RESCaseStudyBlogGraphic.jpgLike many B2B organizations, the marketing team at RES – a global provider of technology that creates, automates and secures the digital workspace – has been tasked with creating a scalable, global demand generation machine.

“Global demand generation machine” sounds nice, doesn’t it? It implies sophistication with impact (in a marketer-speak kind of way). Most importantly, however, it highlights a growing requirement among B2B marketing orgs to participate directly in revenue creation.

Unfortunately, the path to the revenue-creating "demand gen machine" is often marred by obstacles. Such obstacles are often only understood by the demand gen and marketing operations practitioners handling day-to-day processes that keep the machine’s pistons moving.

When it comes to creating demand (that is, top-loading the sales funnel with interested contacts), supporting efforts remain very manual, messy and far from efficient.

The RES team was no different in this regard. It was spending substantial budget and resources to fuel their sales pipeline with new prospects. Specifically, the team faced three fundamental challenges to creating a scalable demand generation machine:

  1. It was very difficult to increase demand generation impact without increasing spend
  2. Manual lead processing was a barrier to efficiency and scalability
  3. The RES team lacked the resources and bandwidth to experiment with new channels and sources to optimize program performance

Challenges diagram.png

With marketers spread across regions serving a global business, RES needed a holistic solution to bring efficiency and scalability to demand marketing. Adopting Integrate’s demand orchestration software to automate its top-funnel digital marketing efforts has enabled the organization to efficiently discover, engage and upload new contacts into its marketing automation system.

Here are a few of RES team results since implementing Integrate’s demand orchestration software:

  • Cost per inquiry & cost per MQL cut by 40%
  • The team regained 20 hours per month with automated lead processing
  • Lead upload time reduced from several days to under 5 minutes

Baker quote.png

If you’re interested in learning more about the RES story and Integrate’s software, read the full, ungated RES case study (no lead info required).



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