SiriusDecisions on Importance of Outbound in ABM Era

SiriusDecisions Summit is just around the corner, and as a warmup, I thought interviewing SD’s Sr. Research Director of Demand Creation Strategies, Kerry Cunningham, would be a timely endeavor.

…of course, I was wrong. As soon as we started filming in what seemed like a quiet corner of an office lobby, everyone and their cubicle mate decided to pour out from elevators and loudly trek past us to the nearest smoking area. Seriously, who smokes these days? …loud, inconsiderate people – that’s who.

Anyway, Kerry, unfazed by the nicotine parade, answered several questions about MarTech, demand generation and inbound marketing with surprising eloquence (while I scowled at the rude passers-by with opprobrium). Fortunately, all his answers came through clearly in the video.

Check out Kerry’s impressive interview endurance in this video.

Interview_Kerry_Part1                                                                                                                                                               Guide-Demand-Orchestration                                                                                                                                                              


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