Trend Micro Connects Marketo & Integrate to Scale Sales Pipeline 6.6x

The MQL volume goals of yesterday have become merely the first lap of a much longer B2B marketing race today. An increasing number of marketing teams are investing their time, resources and strategic focus on down-funnel metrics, such as scaling sales pipeline opportunities.

The good news is that these shifting objectives clearly indicate marketing departments’ growing importance and marketers’ expanding career opportunities.

The bad news: marketers are finding they have less time and resources to devote to the top-funnel tasks that used to monopolize their efforts. Understandably, streamlining and automating top-funnel marketing activities has become a major initiative among demand generation and marketing operations teams alike.

Marketo and Integrate – Better Together

Trend Micro, the global leader in cyber security solutions, is rapidly growing in the US. And as all B2B marketers know, growing pains are real.

To scale US demand at an increasing rate, Trend Micro needed an innovative approach to efficiently discover and engage net-new contacts and then quickly inject these leads into Marketo’s nurture tracks, all while increasing program visibility and decision-making capabilities.

So, the team implemented Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software to connect top-funnel marketing programs to its Marketo-based infrastructure.  (Get the full, ungated case study here.)

Cyber security is huge and we need to be in the conversation, engaging prospective buyers at our key accounts. Since time and personnel resources are precious, we needed to be smarter and more efficient. Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software gave us the edge needed to scale quickly and hit our goals. -Ashleigh Davis, Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation & Operations, Trend Micro

The team is now influencing 6.6X more sales pipeline opportunities with greater velocity while using fewer resources.

Case Study Highlights


You can get the full, ungated case study here.



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