Trending Demand Generation Tactics Pros Rely On the Most

B2B marketers face increasing pressure to scale sales pipeline and grow marketing-influenced revenue. According to DemandGen Report's 2018 Benchmark Survey Report, the largest percentage of respondents (28%) say 26-to-50% of their organizations' revenue will be attributed to marketing-sourced leads. And, 63% of marketers predict their B2B organizations' revenue will grow by 20% or more in 2018.

The research states,

"The increased pressure to drive growth...has been a consistent challenge for marketers in recent years, and this year’s survey showed there are no signs of that abating."

Despite increased pressures and changing measures of success, the survey results revealed several key tactics that are driving exceptional results at every stage of the funnel.

The Top 3 B2B Marketing Success Metrics

30% of those surveyed stated marketing-influenced pipeline is the primary marketing success metric, indicating a shift down-funnel. In fact, lead volume ("total leads/inquires") has fallen sharply (only 14% claim it's a primary metric), and MQL/SAL generation is now just barely in front of influenced pipeline with 33% of respondents claiming its priority.

The the quality-over-quantity mindset seems to have finally taken hold of demand gen marketing.

MQLs-SQLsImage Credit: DemandGen Report

Demand Generation Tactics Pros Rely On

When queried about the tactics used to generate full-funnel demand, B2B marketers cited a list of digital and offline marketing efforts.

The top 3 tactics for "generating qualified leads for the top of the funnel" were listed as follows:

  1. in-person events (68%)
  2. webinars (61%)
  3. lead nurturing campaigns (57%)


Image Credit: DemandGen Report

The top 3 most commonly noted tactics for "helping to convert and accelerate leads at middle and late stages of the funnel" included:

  1. case studies (73%)
  2. lead nurturing campaigns (63%)
  3. events (55%)

The Top Channels to Convert Leads to Pipeline Opportunities

Survey respondents ranked "focusing on lead quality over quantity" as the top demand generation priority for 2018. Obviously, lead quality is key when marketing teams are being assessed on late-funnel metrics like pipeline influenced. When asked which channels they're using to drive such down-funnel conversions, marketers' responses largely swayed digital, with the exception of telemarketing. 


Image Credit: DemandGen Report

The Best Demand Generation Tactics 

B2B marketing executives are increasingly tasked with moving beyond top-funnel metrics (i.e., leads, MQLS and SALs) and are often now responsible for bottom-funnel results: pipeline value, new customers and revenue. 

As B2B marketing organizations are measured in new ways and face the challenge of tougher KPIs, research reveals that marketers are looking for ways to create more top-funnel efficiency so they can better support down-funnel efforts

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