In a B2B marketer’s perfect world, targeted accounts would magically navigate to our websites at just the right time during the purchasing journey. Not only would the right audience show up at the optimal time, but they would also be presented with the precise messaging to elicit our desired action.

Inbound Marketing has evolved rapidly over the past few years with companies like On24, Uberflip and Folloze curating content specific to the accounts visiting a website. But what about 3rd Party Demand Gen? Are you still targeting a static ‘wish list’ through publishers and partners, hoping the accounts you want to reach will turn up on those properties?

Imagine focusing on the accounts that are actually seeking the solutions you offer and presenting relevant content at the start of the buying journey. Only in perfect world? No, it’s possible! Enter Integrate Lead Gen MarketPlace + Intent.

Now I know what you may be saying, “I already use intent and have it connected to my CRM/MAP.” Great! So do 90% of intent users, but did you know that only 42% of intent users realize significant value? (DGR 2019) To maximize results, intent data needs to be used earlier in the marketing funnel, targeting the right accounts at the right time. Marketers using the combined power of Bombora Company Surge® and Integrate Lead Gen Marketplace have boosted conversion by up to 270%.

Together, Integrate Led Gen Marketplace and Bombora Company Surge® give marketers the ability to dynamically target accounts across publisher networks and capture opted-in leads with a high propensity to buy, allowing marketers to do more with less; boosting efficiency and performance across 3rd party demand gen efforts.

Don’t get left behind. Join those on the cutting edge of lead generation.

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