[Video] Demand Orchestration Insights: 3 Questions with Leslie Alore 

3 demand orchestration questions with leslie alore.pngWe're starting a new video interview series! 

The plan is to hound top B2B marketing professionals (aka demand orchestrators) into sharing some of their words of wisdom whenever we cross paths. This may occur at Marketo Marketing Nation or SiriusDecisions Summit or at numerous other events.

If you were recently recognized as one of the 33 Marketing Ops Game Changers, I'd especially be on the lookout – before you know it, I or one of my colleagues may be pinning unattractive microphones to your lapel and annoying you with B2B demand marketing questions for 5 minutes.

Case in point – Leslie Alore, Director of Global Marketing Operations and Automation at Iron Mountain, recently spoke at Integrate’s annual sales kickoff, where she embarrassed (in the most entertaining of ways) reps from our sales, marketing and customer success teams to make a very clear point about the importance of having aligned, cross-departmental messaging.

So, I thought it fitting that Leslie be the guinea pig for our new video interview series. (It just so happens that she’s great at answering questions while being filmed; so unfortunately, there’s no payback in the form of embarrassment.)

Demand Orchestrator Insights_Leslie Alore

If you have any specific questions or topics you'd like us to discuss with upcoming interviewees, let me know and I'll see what answers we can get.

Or, if you love the camera and would like to volunteer in advance, shoot us an email.




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