[Webinar] Anatomy of an ABM Program

DES-652-Blog-Post-Graphic_ABM.pngThe benefits of account-based marketing (ABM) are well-established: greater sales-marketing alignment, increased resource efficiency, more profitable accounts, higher ROI and so on.

However, when it comes to executing an ABM program, most marketers only know the basics: figure out the common characteristics of your most profitable customers, create a list of similar accounts, and then do your best to engage the companies on the list.

Get the Slides from the webinar: "Anatomy of an ABM Program: Insights from Vendors, Influencers & Practitioners"

This is all great, but you’re left with a lot to figure out on your own:

  • What should success metrics look like?
  • How do you go about planning your ABM program?
  • What does alignment between sales and marketing look like?
  • Which teams and roles should be in charge of what?
  • How do you decide which account characteristics are most valuable?
  • How big should your list be?
  • How do you design a content strategy around ABM?
  • Where do individual personas fit in?
  • How do you ensure the right content is seen by each target account?
  • Which marketing tech tools do you need?
  • What are some of the major pitfalls to avoid?

The list of ABM details you need to know is extensive.

To answer questions such as these (and more), Integrate is teaming up with Heinz Marketing on January 21st to present “Anatomy of an ABM Program:  Insights from Vendors, Influencers & Practitioners” a webinar focused on providing B2B marketers with everything they need to know to develop, execute and continually improve a customized account-based marketing strategy.

Here are the details:

Get the slides from this webinar here.




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