What To Do At Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

Marketo-Summit-Blog-Post_v0.1Last week I reached out to a few marketing industry luminaries to get some feedback for a post I was writing on tips and insights for Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. I requested of each expert a short reply to one of three questions.

Of course, there were two overachievers – namely, Kaitlin Stich of BrightTALK and Cynthia Gumbert of CA Technologies – who apparently had far too much insight for just a quick one-sentence reply. They each instead provided me with thoughtful responses to all three questions. …responses that, if I had tried to work them into the original post, would’ve completely over-shadowed my own far less profound thoughts. I certainly couldn’t allow that. So, in an effort to protect my fragile ego, I decided to save their superior thoughts for a separate post:

What do you feel are the biggest benefits to attending Summit? 

Kaitlin Stich: What the Marketing Nation Summit has done well and continues to do well is bring a healthy level of product training and education to every event. There are sessions for every marketing technologist from beginner to Marketo-certified and beyond. Another benefit of attending Summit is all the great opportunities to connect with so many like-minded marketing professionals. With an expected attendance of 6000+ people, this is one of the largest marketing user conferences in the world. And finally, whether you are a fitness junkie headed to the Fun Run or a Marketo expert headed to a meet-up group, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, you can't do it all, so choose wisely! 

Cynthia Gumbert: Marketo Marketing Nation Summit is all about immersing yourself in the industry to acquire useful info/contacts. I highly suggest spending time talking with the other vendors/exhibitors as well as Marketo.  Much of our marketing tech ecosystem at CA was a direct result of meeting vendors at Summit in previous years. We always use the opportunity to dive into how integrations work and the benefits of two or more best-in-class tools working together.

What should first-timers make sure they do/see? 

Kaitlin: First-timers to Summit should do 3 things:

  • First, be sure to attend the keynote with Phil Fernandez, Arianna Huffington and John Legend. It's a great opportunity to hear what these marketing powerhouses in their own right have to say about engaging audiences and telling meaningful stories with their content. 

  • Second, spend an hour or two in the partner showcase. Exhibitors in the partner showcase represent some of the next greatest innovations to marketing technology. Whether you’re seeking to find a solution to a pain point or want to get ideas for the next outstanding marketing campaign, look no further.

  • Finally, make time to relax at the Marketing Nation Gala. There's no better way to make lasting professional connections or friendships than at one of the most talked about parties of the year. 

Cynthia: For first-timers, get educated and even certified if possible!  Take advantage of the training when there is person-to-person interaction.

What sessions are you particularly looking forward to? 

Kaitlin: There are too many exciting sessions to count! Here are the 3 that make the top of my list:

  • "Cranking Up the Webinar Machine: How to Run 85 Webinars a Year Without Losing Your Mind," presented by Louis Adam of EXFO and Alexandre Pelletier of Perkuto.

  • "Marketing Technology as a Core Competency & Competitive Advantage," presented by Scott Brinker of ion interactive.

  • "Generating a Revenue Center of Excellence," presented by Andy Markowitz, Toni Compston-Wells, Tricia Wadzinski all from GE.

Cynthia: For me personally, anything to do with advanced analytics is interesting. This is becoming more important when we communicate the results and return of marketing automation to executives across other non-marketing functions at the company, the CEO and in some cases the board! 


Be sure to check out Kaitlin’s session tomorrow at 2pm PT in which she’ll be one of three panelist predicting marketing’s future, and also CA’s presentation which follows shortly after at 3pm. Here's the info:

“Marketing in the Year 2020: A Perfect Vision”
Date/Time: April 14th at 2:00pm
Location: 2014/2016
Panelists: Kaitlin Stich (BrightTalk), Derek Slayto (Dun & Bradstreet, NetProspex) and Jason Seeba (BloomReach)

“Marketo as the Hub: How to Succeed at Personalizing a Major Event”
Date/Time: April 14th at 3:00pm
Location: 2010/2012
Presenters: Beki Scarbrough (CA Technologies) and Jennifer Clegg (CA Technologies)



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