Things to Try When Your Revenue Goals Go Up, with Heidi & Scott

This just in – B2B Marketing is hard and getting more complex. Our revenue targets are climbing, account-activity expectations are escalating and “Where’s the damn pipeline?” is being shouted from every corner office.

Most of us have been working at warp speed trying to do more, do better and keep pace.

After much banter, Heidi Bullock (CMO of Engagio and revenue marketer extradionnaire) and I decided to contribute some ideas with a dose of therapy to help all of us move the needle. We’re coming together to share our revenue-generating experiences on a B2B webcast October 12 at 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern.

At the core of the webcast will be practical advice and ideas to tweak, add, delete or, in some cases, begin transforming your approach to REVENUE marketing.

Behind this advice, we’ll frame ideas by sharing what’s happening and on the horizon in our B2B marketing world, so that you can sharpen your plan for 2018. Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Goal-setting, strategies, team organization, programs and metrics to drive revenue – all get a review.
  • Expectations of what revenue means and how it’s being generated are shifting. Inquiries, leads and even pipeline suddenly aren’t enough to meet c-suite expectations. What are other approaches we can implement?
  • Customer lifecycle marketing is quickly becoming the new revenue enabler. Renewals, product expansion and cross-sells are the modern “net new.” What are the right strategies to propose and put into action?
  • Marketing automation is going through its awkward teenage years and unsettling B2B marketing efforts. What can you do to adjust or maneuver around this reality?

We hope you can join live. But if you can’t make it, make sure you sign up to watch the replay or grab the slides after the webcast.

If you want to go deeper or chat any time, just drop Heidi or me a line.



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