Scalable Demand Generation

Demand marketers face constantly growing and changing revenue goals. To meet these mandates, they must fill marketing and sales pipeline with an increased volume of qualified demand from potential prospects, while executing sophisticated account-based and predictive marketing strategies.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software enables you to work with current lead providers and identify new data sources that can drive the volume you need at the top of the funnel, without sacrificing the quality necessary to convert leads to opportunities and revenue.


Cross-Channel Data Marketplace

Identifying new lead providers can be risky and time consuming. Integrate provides centralized access to all the prospect data sources you need to scale top-funnel demand generation initiatives with speed and precision. The marketplace comprises more than 300 vetted B2B media partners and lead providers specializing in a wide array of engagement and targeting tactics, including:

  • Channels – Content syndication, email, display, search, social, tele-prospecting
  • Industries – Technology, finance, healthcare, insurance, HR, public sector
  • Targeting – Demographic, firmographic, account-based

Tap into Integrate’s Data Marketplace to generate the demand you need.

Account-Based Demand Generation 

The biggest obstacle to account-based marketing (ABM) success is getting accurate data on actual decision makers within target accounts.

Whether you’re leveraging ABM software like Demandbase or you’ve manually created your target account list, Integrate makes is easy to execute ABM initiatives by identifying and engaging specific personas and titles within targeted companies using your branded content and communications. The result is rich, verified data on numerous decision-makers within your target accounts.

Learn how you can generate account-based demand.



Predictive Demand Generation

The key to unlocking to true value of predictive analytics is not just in identifying the right accounts and personas, but in engaging the decision-makers within those accounts. That’s where Integrate’s Predictive Demand Generation Solution comes in.

Apply target account and persona lists from your predictive analytics software (such as Mintigo or 6sense) to your top-funnel demand generation programs – and get the contacts you need to pay off on predictive investments. 

Integrate’s software facilitates a dynamic predictive demand marketing strategy that you can quickly evolve based on the highest value opportunities.

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