Automated Lead Processing & Routing

Despite rapid advancements in marketing technology, delivery of lead data from external sources is anything but advanced. It comes in different formats, with different values and is often not ready for your database. Getting the right data routed to the right systems and mapped to the right fields can be a nightmare.

Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software provides automated, intelligent lead processing and routing. This enables you to get complete and accurate lead data into your systems more efficiently, follow-up with prospects quicker and get more from your demand marketing investment.

Automated Lead Processing

Some lead and event data providers may be sophisticated enough to post directly into your database. In these cases, you’re managing ever-changing API integrations for each provider and subjecting your business to the risk of inaccurate, incomplete and unformatted lead data being dumped into your databases.

Integrate’s Demand Orchestration Software puts an end to the precious time wasted scrubbing, formatting and uploading lead files, saving teams anywhere from 20 to 80 hours each month. The platform:

  • Automates lead data processing from external sources
  • Ensures data is accurate, actionable and complete
  • Standardizes formatting to match individual field requirements
  • Consolidates data delivery to your systems of choice

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Real-Time Lead Routing

In order to get the most value out of newly generated leads, marketing and sales must continue the engagement. This means leads need to be quickly routed from third-party programs to relevant nurture tracks and sales follow-up queues.

Injecting leads directly into your marketing automation platform (MAP) or CRM within moments of origination allows marketing and sales teams to follow-up while prospect interest is high, increasing conversion rates and driving more opportunities. Integrate’s software ensures that leads are efficiently routed where and how you need them. 

Real-time lead routing enabled Iron Mountain to improve open rates on nurture emails by 2.5x, while increasing MQL conversion rates from 6 to 22%.  

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