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Take control of event lead capture.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including events, trade shows and meetings.

Event Lead Management

B2B Marketers are in competition for event leads.
  • Manually processing poor and incomplete event leads takes time and resources
  • Event prospects are inundated with outreach from numerous companies competing for their attention, making follow-up speed vital to event success
  • Event marketing is costly and pipeline impact is difficult to measure
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The Integrate Events lead management solution

Integrate’s powerful software combined with the Akkroo lead management system will transform the way you collect, process and engage event leads at scale. This innovative approach gives marketers the power to control lead data and leverage various marketing initiatives to convert event connections to revenue.

  • Engage with prospects in real time when they are in front of you by capturing their information quickly and seamlessly.
  • Send leads follow-up engagement and materials in real time while they’re still at the event and route only clean and intelligent data to your systems.
  • Use our powerful combination of data, speed, and tools to convert event leads to closed sales deals.

Partner with Integrate to achieve returns on your event marketing budget.

Our expert services team will help you process lead data quickly and measure event performance alongside other top-funnel demand programs, delivering a clear understanding of which events and marketing channels are driving pipeline and revenue.

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"With Akkroo, our leads are captured at the event and sent over to our team in a matter of minutes. It is now essential that we have Akkroo at each event and I can’t imagine having an event without it!"