GDPR Compliance for B2B Marketers

Are You Prepared?

The General Data Privacy Regulation goes into effect on May 25, 2018. It's a new era of data privacy, with implications across every facet of business. There's a ton of information to sort through, and even the most savvy among us have lists of unanswered questions. 

While we're not lawyers and we can't provide legal counsel, we are B2B marketers – just like you. Our team has invested hundreds of hours in understanding exactly how GDPR affects marketing efforts and what B2B marketers can do to be prepared.

We're happy to share what we've learned and hope it helps your organization feel prepared to scale demand marketing efforts in a GDPR world. 


Download The New GDPR-Compliance Checklist

This 2-page, introductory resource is designed to help guide your team through the changes needed to ensure your B2B marketing processes are GDPR-compliant. Breaking actions down into 5 primary prospect engagement points – web forms, events, 3rd-party lead gen, sales and channel partners – the checklist will help you:

  • Take inventory of the key B2B marketing areas of focus for GDPR compliance
  • Develop a GDPR-compliance strategy
  • Organize required tasks to execute your strategy
  • Communicate your GDPR-compliance strategy and efforts with the executive team and adjacent departments



Preparing for GDPR: What Every B2B Marketer Must Know

How can marketing teams ensure lead gen processes are GDPR-compliant without undermining demand generation performance?

Julian Archer, Sr. Research Director at SiriusDecisions, explains how B2B marketers can:

  • Develop a comprehensive GDPR-compliance strategy
  • Put a compliance strategy into action
  • Apply software to support compliance measures



5 Steps B2B Marketers Must Take to Prepare for GDPR

This whitepaper guides you through the steps needed to ensure you're prepared:

  • Taking inventory of lead sources, channels and partners
  • Updating your opt-in language and processes
  • Setting up compliant data transfer processes
  • Ensuring compliance of 3rd-party lead gen partners
  • Documenting your GDPR-compliance measures

Don't be caught unprepared. Ready your organization for GDPR today.



Don’t Let GDPR Disrupt Your Pipeline – Get Proactive with ABM

The EU's new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) has created waves of uncertainty among B2B marketers working to understand its implications for marketing – and sales – outreach. Watch this webinar to learn how Plex is executing an "all-in" account-based revenue strategy  and why this will make their transition to full GDPR compliance a breeze.



How To Ready Your Media Company For GDPR And Set Clients’ Minds At Ease

Starting May of 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require wide-sweeping changes to the way marketers and media companies alike generate leads. It’s critical that media companies ensure their own emails, hosted forms and landing pages conform to these consent rules, resulting data is transferred according to specified requirements, and that all these processes are adequately documented.

This resource outlines five steps that will guide you and your media organization on your way to becoming GDPR-compliant.


More Resources to Guide Your GDPR-Compliance Efforts

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