The average B2B marketing database is full of bad data.

Incomplete prospect info, duplicate contacts, invalid email addresses, untargeted personas and non-compliant leads – all of these issues plague our systems, waste our time and resources, undermine our program performance and even put our businesses in legal jeopardy.

Struggling to clean your prospect database AFTER it has lost its integrity isn’t good enough in today’s B2B marketing environment. Marketers must be proactive and prevent bad data from contaminating their systems.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to identify key issues regarding poor database quality
  • Strategies and tactics that you can use to prevent bad data from sinking your B2B marketing strategy
  • SecureWorks’ preventative approach to database integrity and the results they’ve seen

Webinar Hosts

  • David Lewis – CEO, DemandGen
  • Jay Melton – Sr. Manager, Global Demand Center, SecureWorks
  • David Crane Head of MarTech Strategy, Integrate

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