Marketing Software Integrations

One of the biggest challenges demand generation marketers face today is that their outbound programs are completely removed from their core marketing and sales systems. Marketing needs a holistic approach that brings tech, processes and data together to create a seamless experience.

If you haven’t yet come to this realization, check out this paper on the closed-loop marketing era. It explains everything.

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Marketing Automation Platform Integrations

Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are becoming the hub of today’s marketing organizations. So it makes sense for yours to be the central location of all your marketing data. The reality though is that there’s still a lot of human intervention required to get leads from external sources into your MAP…That’s where Integrate’s software comes in.

Integrate makes it easy for you to connect your top-funnel demand generation programs directly with your MAP. So no matter how many third-party lead sources you’re working with, all leads enter through a single point – after the platform’s data validation software blocks bad data and normalizes fields for your database requirements.

Whether you’re using Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot or one of the many other marketing automation platforms available, we have an integration for you. And if we don’t have one yet, we’ll build it.

Integrate with Oracle Eloqua


Integrating Third-Party Programs with Oracle Eloqua (Whitepaper)

Learn how you can get more out of your Oracle Eloqua investment by connecting your top-funnel lead generation programs via Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software.


Demand Orchestration for Oracle Eloqua Users (Application)

Implement point-and-click connection between your outbound marketing programs and your Oracle Eloqua nurture tracks with Integrate's Demand Marketing Orchestration app, available in the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Integrate with Marketo


Integrating Top-Funnel Demand Gen Programs with Marketo (Whitepaper)

Find out how marketers like you are getting more out of Marketo by connecting top- and mid-funnel demand marketing systems.


Trend Micro Combines Integrate and Marketo to Scale Pipeline by 660% (Case Study)

Trend Micro was having difficulty scaling marketing's revenue contributions before they whipped the demand marketing strategy into shape. 

CRM Integrations

There may be times (if a prospect is identified as “sales ready,” for instance) when you choose to bypass your marketing automation system and send certain leads directly to your CRM. Integrate makes it easy to set multiple lead-routing rules so leads can be injected into specific systems based on your defined criteria.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics shop (or if you have a proprietary customer database), Integrate lets you send your data wherever you need to in order to act quickly and close more opportunities.



Closed-Loop Integrations

Getting data into your database is only the first step. Arguably the most important thing you can do is send key performance indicator (KPI) data to your Integrate platform. That’s what makes actionable insights possible.

By setting up a closed-loop integration from your MA and CRM back to Integrate, you can plainly see the performance of each campaign and source. Capture the KPIs that are most important to you: conversions, registrations, MQLs, SQLs, lifetime customer value and more. 

Data Systems Integrations

Demand marketers are investing a lot of resources into advanced data solutions – like account-based marketing and predictive analytics tools. In order to reap the full value of these solutions, you must be able to effectively leverage the data.

Connect your Integrate account with your account-based marketing and predictive data systems. This allows you to easily execute demand generation campaigns using your ABM and Predictive target account lists. Just as importantly, you can report campaign performance data back to those systems in order to optimize targeting and make smarter predictions.



Leave the Vendor Integrations to Us

Once Integrate is connected with your marketing automation or CRM, you’re done. You never have to worry about one-off integrations with lead vendors again – regardless of whether you’re working with two partners or two hundred. We provide your media partners with the tools they need to deliver lead data directly to your Integrate platform. Talk about easy.

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