Software & Demand Marketing Services

Integrate’s marketing pros are available to provide the expertise you need to reach your demand generation goals. We’ve served more than five thousand marketers and media partners to help them achieve greater levels of success. If you’re ready to master our software or simply seeking fulfillment for your campaigns, we have a services package to meet your needs.

Platform Services

Our team will work with you to make certain you hit the ground running and are fully leveraging Integrate to transform your demand generation strategy. We pride ourselves on being not just experts on the Integrate software, but also knowledgeable about optimal ways to execute your specific demand marketing requirements.

Customer Enablement

From the moment you begin evaluating Integrate’s platform, we’ll surround you with dedicated Customer Success experts who understand your unique needs and success metrics. Once you become a customer, the same team will work to help you:
  • Build campaign and reporting templates
  • Onboard media partners
  • Measure and optimize programs
  • Implement integrations
  • Become an expert with your Integrate platform

Kevin_Flint_small“Integrate has been a true partner from initial platform onboarding to supporting our effort to scale and optimize our marketing clients’ lead generation programs.”
Kevin Flint, Just Media


Platform Management

If you’re ready to change the way you execute demand generation, but simply don’t want to do it yourself, we have experts for that too. Integrate’s demand marketing pros will manage the full spectrum of your outbound demand generation via your Integrate platform.
Leverage our specialists for:
  • Outbound marketing strategy
  • Campaign management
  • Sourcing and partner management
  • Program analytics and optimization

Partner Management

Perhaps you prefer to manage everything on your own, but want some help finding the best media partners for your programs. Integrate experts are available to identify new media and lead sources on your behalf.

We’ll handle the initial discovery and communications, as well as get them matched with your campaigns – so you get the best performance for your media investment.

Christin_Simonini_small“We rely on Integrate’s expertise to help us identify media sources that can best meet our campaign objectives. Time and again, the results speak for themselves.”
Christine Simonini, DocuSign

Media Services

Whether or not you’re ready for our software, chances are you need to acquire prospects or customers and reach new audiences. Integrate’s demand marketing pros are available when you need them to execute both performance-driven and branding-focused marketing initiatives.

Performance Media Fulfillment

In-house pros bring deep expertise in lead generation and performance marketing to help you meet your pipeline and acquisition goals. If you need short- or long-term fulfillment, our demand generation specialists will use data-driven strategies to:

  • Deliver real-time leads that meet your specific targets
  • Drive potential prospects and customers to your lead forms
  • Generate inbound calls or live transfers for your internal call centers
Patrick_Thona_smallIntegrate has a dynamic team that literally works for you 24 hours a day to make sure all campaigns perform within the ROI metrics provided.
~ Patrick Thona, Quest Nutrition

See how we leverage our software to execute your ROI-focused campaigns.

Digital Media Fulfillment

We also have a team of media whizzes who specialize in all things digital – display, video and mobile. They focus on comprehensive digital strategies tailored to your goals, while leveraging programmatic platforms to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. These are the pros to call on when you need to:

  • Execute short-term branding initiatives
  • Develop new digital strategies
  • Scale currently successful programs
  • Complement performance campaigns being executed via Integrate’s platform

Find out what our Digital Media Specialists can do for you.