Combine digital ads and content syndication to reach the right buyers now.

Connect, engage, and convert. With one powerful solution.

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How to execute a buyer-first digital strategy.

The Solution for Today's Digital World

Integrate’s Precision Digital solution allows you to engage buyers wherever they are; using data that is validated, standardized, and compliant; through orchestrated, multi-channel strategies and campaigns built on targeted digital advertising, content syndication and intelligent account and buyer data. It gives you the insight you need to measure buyer and account engagement, boost conversions, and accelerate revenue.

Create a cross-channel digital experience for your buyers.


Create connected experiences that engage buyers.

Identify, target and activate the right buyers and accounts.

Precision Digital lets your buyers engage with your brand on their terms, choosing their own path to purchase, while ensuring you’ll be there to meet them.

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Invest where it counts.

Spend your budget on the best opportunities.

The Precision Digital solution helps you identify, prioritize, and align your digital budget and resources with only accounts and buyers that are in market. It maximizes your spend through focused, buyer-driven campaigns that leverage intent, technographic, and firmographic data.

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Defend your spend with measurable results.

Take the guesswork out of campaigns.

Precision Digital gives you the critical cross-channel insights you need to track buyer and account activity, optimize campaigns, and improve performance.

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Customer Success

Integrate Precision Digital puts LeadIQ on track to $6 million in pipeline growth.

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Our combined Integrate display and content syndication programs have really helped us reach target accounts that otherwise would have been out of reach of the marketing database.

Jason Howie

Head of Demand Generation at LeadIQ


See where digital fits in Precision Demand Marketing

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See what Precision Digital can do for you.

Integrate Precision Digital uses an omnichannel approach to target the buyers you’ve been waiting for, wherever they’re waiting for you. Learn more. Let’s start a conversation today.

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