Get more from your content syndication campaigns.

Leverage your best content to target your buyers and drive high quality, engaged leads at scale.

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How to get more (and better) content syndication leads.

Demand more from content syndication

In a world where buyers set the rules of engagement, you need to engage with them on their terms. Integrate’s Precision Syndication leverages your best branded content to engage them via content syndication programs where your buyers are doing their research and learning information about solutions.

Drive quality engagement through targeted content syndication programs.


Meet your future buyers.

Get a bigger picture.

Precision Syndication reveals not just the buyers and accounts visiting your site, but also the critical, engaged ones researching third-party sites.

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Stop wasting budget.

Ensure lead quality and compliance.

Precision Syndication features an exclusive governance engine. It validates and standardizes all leads, so you only spend money on those that are high quality and actionable.

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Connect with proven partners.

Work with companies you trust.

The Demand Acceleration Platform gives you access to the Integrate Marketplace – connections to more than 150 global media publications across all industries, all vetted for compliance.

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Customer Success

See how to create connected buying experiences and drive qualified conversations.

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Integrate is certainly our favorite content syndication partner, and we are delighted to have a great team at Integrate supporting our goals.

Jennifer Holmes

Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Globalization Partners


Stop wasting money on bad leads.

Engage an Expert

Start connecting.

It’s time to connect with today’s buyers and accounts, right when they’re researching—wherever they are. Start by discovering what Precision Syndication can do for you. By talking with an expert today.

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Go Further

Power precision demand with solutions that fit your needs.


Demand Acceleration Platform

Reach the right accounts and buyers, when they’re ready to buy, with the platform that ensures your data is always validated and marketable.


What is Precision Demand Marketing?

Right now, today, you must be able to put the buyer and the buyer’s experience at the center of everything you do.

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Precision Demand

An omnichannel solution that connects your brand with interested buyers and accounts.

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Precision Digital

Combine the power of syndication and ads to engage and convert today’s buyers.

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Precision Syndication

Connect with buyers and accounts as they are researching third party providers.

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Precision Events

Turn event interactions into pipeline and revenue.

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