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RES Software Case Study

RES Software is a leader in secure digital workspace technology. Like many B2B marketing organizations, RES marketers were spending a significant amount of budget and resources to identify new prospects to fuel sales pipeline. They needed an innovative approach that would enable their team to efficiently scale their digital marketing efforts.

Their Objectives

  • Create a scalable, global demand generation machine
  • Drive down the cost of MQLs by increasing efficiency and number of lead sources
  • Reduce lead processing time to engage with contacts faster and boost conversion rates

The Results


 In The Customer's Words

"In order to scale, RES had to optimize lead management and processing. With Integrate, it just a lot less work and everything is so much easier."

~ Anca Popovici, Director of Global Demand Generation 


Ready to learn more about how RES Software built a global demand center? Here's a direct link to the full case study.