From Ocean to Oxbow: The B2B Marketer's New Reality

B2B organizations are in the throes of a digital awakening. Business has gone digital overnight, and the pressure is mounting for B2B buyers to act on new solutions and/or do more with less. But as B2B buyers grow savvier, relying on more channels and sources to guide and shape their purchasing decisions, oversaturated tactics and siloed demand approaches are fueling this disconnect making it harder for Marketers to hit targets, expand accounts, and deliver meaningful experiences buyers crave. It matters. Today, 70% of B2B buyers are strongly considering ditching preferred vendors for a competitor, and 1 in 3 are terminating contracts, dissatisfied with poor, digital experiences. 

Precision Demand Generation is a disciplined, purposeful strategy that enables B2B Marketers to break through silos, connect people, provide visibility, trust their data, and measure ROI to:  

  • Create buyer and account journeys that deliver better buying experiences 
  • Focus effort on ideal customers and accounts when they are looking for solutions 
  • Optimize budget, time and resources 
  • Deliver more bottom-line value to the organization 

Join Integrate Chief Growth Officer, Scott Vaughan and Head of Marketing Strategy, Jennifer Goode for a controversial marketing reality check on what B2B Marketers need to do right now and where to go from here to connect with our buyers amid uncertain times. 

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