In person event.

How to Turn Events into A Measurable, Pipeline Generating Machine

Grow Your Pipeline With Precision 

Events are a powerful platform for B2B professionals to learn, stay up to date and to make human connections in an increasingly fast-paced world. 

Most of all, events are counted on as an essential creator and accelerator of relationships and revenue. On average, 20-40% of the entire B2B marketing budget is spent on in-person events, trade shows and conferences, making it the largest single investment in any marketing channel.   

Download your copy of Integrates guide to turning events into a measurable, pipeline generating channel today, learn how to; 

  • Master developing an events business strategy as part of your go-to-market strategy 
  • How to select the right events mix for your business 
  • Capture and manage attendee data 
  • Nail your event follow-up communications strategy and process 
  • Measure event effectiveness and impact 

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