Precision Demand Generation.

Precision Demand Gen: Understanding the 5 Building Blocks of Intelligent Buyer and Account Journeys

Business has become digital overnight. Buyers are now tapping into the full range of demand channels to make decisions. And marketers are struggling to orchestrate a journey that keeps up. Delivering one-off programs and campaigns is no longer acceptable. From emails to digital experiences, online events to in-person tradeshows, your buyers expect you to meet them where they are with timely, relevant, and personalized content that respects their privacy. 

Join Integrate’s Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth Officer, and Danny McKeever, Sr. Director Marketing Operations and Technology, as we explore how an omni-channel approach enables marketers to break down silos, connect data, tech and processes, infuse buyer and account data intelligence, and create the transformational experiences B2B buyers are expecting. Together, we’ll walk through how to create an end-to-end process for delivering connected buyer and account journeys that meet buyers where they are. 

After this session, you’ll be able to: 

  • Understand the 5 building blocks to delivering an intelligent buyer and account journey 
  • Optimize budget, time and resources, getting more of your existing investments 
  • Deliver better, measurable results from a refined strategy 
  • Sketch out your key technology strategy to build a journey 

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