The Hidden Costs of a Bad Lead Webinar

Recorded on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Today Marketing teams are under pressure to achieve ever-increasing lead targets which often end up in quality taking second place to quantity 

The result: pipelines filled with low quality leads, disappointing conversation rates and un-productive friction between marketing and sales.  

Join leading marketers Toni Schmelzle, Senior Marketing Manager at SAP Concur, Marina Lemas, Integrated Demand Marketer at Gigamon, Kristy Murphy, Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at Verizon along with Frannie Danzinger, VP Sales at Integrate as they discuss:

  • How to navigate the pressure to meet lead targets without sacrificing quality 
  • What makes a Good and Bad Lead in 2020 
  • Strategies to eliminate Bad Leads 
  • What it all means for Marketing & Sales alignment 

Bad leads damage more than just revenue. They diminish organizational trust and weaken down funnel programs before they even begin.  

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