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Whether your responsible for driving demand, reporting on the bottom line or executing client strategies, Integrate's software can orchestrate your demand marketing initiatives.

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Demand Generation Experts

Today’s demand generation marketers are on the hook to drive sales pipeline and contribute to revenue. But executing the volume of programs required to meet initiatives takes too much time and too many resources.


Integrate’s demand orchestration software empowers you to:

  • More effectively manage your top-of-funnel marketing programs to deliver scalable, predictable pipeline
  • Identify qualified new lead providers to deliver on your demand marketing goals
  • Execute account-based marketing (ABM) and predictive demand generation programs
  • Get new leads and inquiries into marketing automation systems in real time
  • Tie marketing performance to specific campaigns, sources and assets
  • Optimize programs in flight for increased conversion rates and decreased cost per opportunity

If you’re on a mission to drive pipeline and revenue, it’s time to look deeper under Integrate’s hood. Continue your preview with an Integrate platform specialist today.

Marketing Operations Leaders

Marketing ops pros are driving the initiative to make marketing an accountable business within their organizations. But current demand marketing processes, systems and data are a disconnected mess – drastically hindering program and team performance.


Integrate’s demand marketing orchestration software seamlessly connects with your current marketing automations systems and CRM so you can:

  • Automate and standardize top-of-funnel demand processes used to generate new leads and prospect data
  • Eliminate manual data manipulation and automatically import clean, actionable lead data into nurture and sales follow-up tracks in real time
  • Attribute back-end marketing and sales metrics to front-end demand generation programs

See how marketing ops leaders at TIBCO and Iron Mountain are leveraging Integrate to build better demand marketing engines. Continue your preview with an Integrate platform specialist today. 

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Marketing Executives

CMOs and marketing executives are on a mission to drive business ROI and company growth, while striving to create best-in-class brand experiences. The challenge is implementing the right tech and data strategies to reach these goals and increase marketing’s contribution to revenue.


Integrate’s demand orchestration software gives your team access to tools that:

  • Immediately improve ROI from demand marketing investments by centralizing top-of-funnel channels and data sources
  • Eliminate non-value manual tasks so they can focus on strategic, data-driven initiatives that will advance the business
  • Improve accessibility to data and actionable insights in order to make more informed decisions
  • Seamlessly connect with your existing marketing systems and processes to improve customer acquisition

If you’re ready to give your marketing team the tools, insights and integrations they need to increase pipeline and revenue contributions, continue your preview with an Integrate platform specialist today.

Media Company Executives

Media companies are undergoing massive transformation and adding performance marketing services to their offerings. This in turn introduces a world of manual, disconnected data processes and places increasing strain on databases.


Integrate’s demand orchestration software provides the tools you need to scale your operations and meet clients’ growing demands for qualified leads and fast, actionable lead data. The software enables you to:

  • Centralize customers’ programs in order launch campaigns quickly, saving time and resources
  • Automatically validate and standardize data without ever touching a spreadsheet
  • Implement direct posting to internal databases and client systems with one API
  • Discover new revenue opportunities and fulfill client programs without burning through your database

If you’re ready for a software solution that will support your clients increasingly sophisticated data needs while empowering you to scale your business, continue your preview with an Integrate platform specialist today.