Better, Faster Leads from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

B2B marketers understand the power of the LinkedIn audience, and making LinkedIn an integrated part of your demand generation strategy is more important than ever. Integrate’s Native Connector for LinkedIn means marketers get fast, validated LinkedIn leads sent directly to their database, along with clear reporting about how those leads perform.



Get LinkedIn Leads Faster

Leads convert better when you follow up faster. Get your LinkedIn leads as soon as new prospects check out your content. You don’t have to wait for a person to download, scrub and de-dupe a list. It's all done automatically in Integrate. The good leads show up in your database right away, no manual work required.

If you need to get LinkedIn leads into your systems faster, Integrate can help.


Validate, Deduplicate and Route Automatically

Integrate Demand Orchestration Software automates the work of scrubbing your LinkedIn leads. It filters out duplicate leads. It also maps lead fields to the right fields in your marketing automation platform and CRM.

Your LinkedIn leads get validated immediately, and the good ones go into your database right away, so you can act on them quickly.



Know What's Working

Integrate’s closed-loop reporting makes it easy to see how your LinkedIn leads are performing—do they become opportunities? Do they close? Are you investing in the best possible campaigns and assets? Integrate gives you a detailed look at what’s performing. 

Get more visibility into your LinkedIn investments today.


Native Connection for LinkedIn Leads 

Integrate’s Native Connector solution works seamlessly with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored Content and InMail. With Integrate, you can connect to LinkedIn leads with a simple visual interface in just a few clicks. No complicated APIs, custom code, or manual downloads. No matter how you’re reaching out to your LinkedIn audience, Integrate makes sure you get the right leads, right away.


Make LinkedIn leads part of your demand orchestration strategy.