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Pick Targets From Your Salesforce® Account Lists

Connect the Salesforce® CRM with ListenLoop by clicking on the button, “Pick a List form Salesforce.” On the Salesforce® login page, submit your credentials to Salesforce®, and then click the “Allow” button to give ListenLoop access to your account lists. Salesforce® will redirect you back to ListenLoop, where you can choose one or more account lists to target.

ListenLoop Stays In Sync With Your Account Lists

For instance, you can create three account lists: “Accounts Exposed to 1,000 Impressions”, “Accounts Exposed to 2,000 Impressions” and “Accounts Exposed to 3,000 Impressions.” Then create three ListenLoop campaigns linked to those lists with progressive messaging in each ad campaign. As accounts are exposed to impressions, they will progress from one list to another in Salesforce®, likewise moving them across campaigns in ListenLoop.

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Setup Drip Campaigns Based On Salesforce® Stages

Create account lists in Salesforce®, like “Unengaged Accounts”, “Marketing Qualified Account (MQA)”, and “Sales Qualified Account (SQA)”. Then create three ListenLoop campaigns linked to those lists. For each campaign, use ads with appropriate messaging given an account’s stage. For instance, unengaged accounts should receive brand awareness ads, MQAs should receive ads related to your white papers, and SQAs should see ads that focus on your accolades and testimonials. As accounts progress down your Salesforce® stages, ListenLoop stays in sync and drips appropriate ads to each account.

Unify Account Advertising Data In Your Salesforce®

ListenLoop will show you all-time, running 3-month, and running 7-day impressions and clicks per account, in addition to first impression dates.

With this information, you can create a report in Salesforce® that compares a cohort of accounts exposed to ABM versus a cohort of accounts unexposed to ABM. Show management how advertising impacted opportunities closed, pipeline generation, and sales velocity.