Capture form leads in real-time.

We believe all marketers can achieve quantifiable business outcomes by unifying all channels, including leads from inbound forms.

Lead collection through inbound forms are an essential part of any demand strategy, but often produce incomplete or bot-affected data.

  • False lead information submitted by bot traffic compromises marketers’ database integrity
  • Short-form data collection is proven to convert better, but delivers less information to marketers
  • Forms can produce lower-quality leads which are less actionable and attributable

Integrate native landing pages.

Streamline inbound data-collection with native landing page forms that capture prospect information

  • Integrate Native Landing Page Forms provides appealing page forms that follow your brand guidelines and transfers clean and actionable data into your systems
  • The Integrate platform governs data before it’s uploaded to your systems and Integrate data enrichment can deliver better results
  • Our easy-to-use form builder leverages drag-and-drop templates to allow you to create lead collection forms that appeal to your target audience

Partner with our best-in-class services team to learn how you can effectively utilize inbound form lead generation via our Native Landing Pages builder.

Successful marketers know that a successful demand strategy requires channel diversification and is essential to building an optimal pipeline. Our expert team can help you strategize data collection through forms as a tried-and-true lead collection method that delivers the ROI you want.

"For the longest time, I looked really, really smart because people couldn’t understand how I was getting such a large number of net new people coming in."