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TIBCO Software Inc. is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software. As an enterprise technology company, the demand generation team must accumulate, manage and analyze an enormous amount of prospect and campaign data. Bottlenecks between systems and departments were slowing the entire customer acquisition process. The result: fewer quality leads, lower conversion rates through the nurturing stages, reduced ROI and a potentially damaged customer experience. Thankfully, they implemented Integrate's software.

The Challenges

  • Slow contracting processes meant TIBCO was often halfway through the quarter before the demand gen team began receiving leads from lead providers.
  • Manual data processes and delayed uploading of leads into marketing automation, allowing prospect interest to cool and destroying conversion rates.
  • They had limited ability to A/B test campaigns, optimize tactics and improve overall performance.

The Results


 In The Customer's Words

"Integrate transformed the way TIBCO thinks about its demand generation strategy. It's the one stop for top-of-funnel automation."

~ Kenan Frager, Former Head of Worldwide Demand Generation 


Ready to learn more about how TIBCO automated top-of-funnel marketing to generate demand faster? Here's a direct link to the full case study.