Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform for B2B marketing.

The Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform

Deliver Cross-Channel B2B Buying Experiences That Generate Revenue and Boost ROI

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Connect, Govern, and Measure
with the Demand Acceleration Platform

The Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP) is a SaaS solution that improves buyer experiences by integrating channels, processes, and tools. DAP enables you to deliver cross channel touchpoints to active, in-market accounts, turning data into revenue for your organisation.

Key Features of DAP:

  • Single Platform: DAP provides the necessary activation, measurement, and governance capabilities to efficiently deliver touchpoints in a cross-channel connected environment.
  • Buying Groups: DAP helps you identify and target active buying groups for optimal engagement.
  • Cross Channel Performance: DAP incorporates syndication, digital, events, and social solutions for comprehensive campaign management across offline and online demand channels.
  • Governance and Compliance: DAP ensures accurate data standardisation, validation, and opt-in compliance, reducing manual tasks and unnecessary expenses.
  • ROI Impact: Maximise your investments in ABM and other demand strategies by extending them to multiple marketing channels.

Experience the Demand
Acceleration Platform

Connect systems, channels, and data sources.

Connect your channels, processes, and tools in a single platform to gain full value from your existing target account list investments and scale account-based marketing programs with precision.

Earn buyer trust with high quality leads.

Deliver high quality, high performing leads to the business and reduce the number of unqualified leads from entering your marketing systems. Ensure all data is standardised, valid, compliant, and 100% marketable.

Intelligently optimise campaign performance.

Make campaigns flexible by adapting to campaign metrics, intent signals and buyer behaviour. Change target account lists as per channel demand, intent and performance. Learn and adapt as you go.

Drive Cross-Channel Engagement
From a Single Place

Integrate marketer identifying buyers

Identify Known and Unknown Buyers Across Channels

Connect your demand data, channels, and campaigns to reach your buyers where they are.

Drive ROI across marketing channels

Drive ROI by Extending ABM and Demand Strategy Investments Across Marketing Channels

Increase conversion rates up to 5x. Leverage native social lead generation forms that make opt-in easy, and harvest enhanced leads that ensure 100% marketable data.

Build predictable pipeline

Build Predictable Pipeline — Cross-Channel Activation Shows You How

Activate, govern, and measure marketing campaigns across demand channels to make real-time adjustments, optimise performance, and maximise impact.

Reliable data to reach right buyers and accounts

Let Reliable Data Help You Reach the Right Buyers and Accounts

Ensure data is valid, compliant, and 100% marketable to reach your target buyers and accounts.

Reliable data to reach right buyers and accounts

Ensure event leads are compliant to protect investments

With DAP and Mobile Connect, leads are automatically standardised, validated, and checked for compliance so your event spending is not put at risk with the collection of non-compliant data.

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240% Increase in Opportunities Achieved


Unifying all of our demand channels through Integrate allows us to orchestrate targeted buyer journeys and provides us with visibility into our digital performance — which allows us to reach our buyers at the right time with the right message.

Matt Mullin

Sr. Director, Growth Marketing, Operations & Technology

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Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform

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