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Technology engineered for a buyer-centric world.

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Demand Acceleration Platform: Technology Centered Around Your Buyer’s Process


Integrate’s technology combines and centralizes all top-of funnel marketing channels so marketers can create memorable and connected buyer experiences without sacrificing data quality. Marketers rely on our technology to craft omni-channel experiences, connect data silos, measure ROI, and effectively compete in today’s buyer-centric world.

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Technology built on principles.

Do more with less, faster.

The Demand Acceleration Platform eliminates the need for manual workarounds and endless spreadsheets. It uses automation, flexible API connections, and advanced targeting and intelligence to maximize efficiency.

Grow without limits.

Our products are designed to meet every customer’s needs and the demands of a rapidly evolving market whether you are a large enterprise company or scaling your business.

Move beyond borders and boundaries.

With Integrate’s innovative products, you can quickly and confidently pursue buyers wherever they are. Our solutions are globally compliant. So, whether you’re breaking into new markets or growing in your current markets, we have you covered.

Make your connections through ours.

We connect everything. That includes customer data, channels, and tech––even team members. By integrating our solutions with your MarTech stack and those of our technology partners, we’re able to offer the connected platform that drives Precision Demand Marketing.

Work with peace of mind.

B2B’s top brands trust Integrate to help them grow globally while maintaining compliance and security. Whether we’re handling your lead data or working with compliant and secure partners, you can count on us for peace of mind.


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GDPR, CCPA, and CASL compliant

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We have a passion for creating innovative, customer-centric products that help marketers scale their B2B marketing programs to new heights. We are relentless in pursuing innovation for our customers and helping them to create buyer-centric experiences across channels.

Aaron Mahimainathan

Chief Product Officer at Integrate


Save Your Marketing by Fixing Bad Data, First

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Precision Demand Marketing driven by solutions that fit your needs.

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Power precision demand with solutions that fit your needs.


Demand Acceleration Platform

Reach the right accounts and buyers, when they’re ready to buy, with the platform that ensures your data is always validated and marketable.


What is Precision Demand Marketing?

Right now, today, you must be able to put the buyer and the buyer’s experience at the center of everything you do

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Precision Digital

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Precision Syndication

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