We’ve got some BIG news today. We want to shout it from the rooftops! We wish we could share it with, like, 575 million people – who are making 105 new connections weekly – and posting 2 million pieces of content daily. But where could we possibly find a potential audience like that? Oh, wait. LinkedIn. That’s the audience a B2B marketer can reach using LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

And our big news? Integrate is releasing a native connector for LinkedIn today, and we and our customers and partners couldn’t be more excited about it.

Demand Orchestration on the LinkedIn Platform is Here

The lead gen possibilities through LinkedIn Marketing Solutions are endless – with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms powering leads through Sponsored Content and InMail, B2B marketers can access a new world of potential customers.

Today, these leads are either managed via downloaded spreadsheets or delivered directly into a marketer’s database. Marketers must also either manually clean and validate these spreadsheets or struggle with invalid, incomplete or duplicate leads in their database.

With Integrate’s new native connector for LinkedIn, LinkedIn-generated leads are validated, de-duplicated and delivered to the marketer’s database as soon as they're generated – no spreadsheets or manual intervention required. B2B marketers receive accurate, actionable leads from their LinkedIn Marketing Solutions programs. This means marketing and/or sales can act on the leads quickly, increasing the impact on conversion to qualified leads and pipeline.

With Integrate, marketers can track the performance of each lead as it moves down the funnel, making it easy to compare the value of LinkedIn leads to other sources, channels and programs in their marketing mix.

Social Demand Marketing Just Got a Whole Bunch Better

This is just the beginning of the B2B social marketing possibilities we’re working hard to build for our customers. Stay tuned more on social demand gen capabilities, channels and sources.

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