Using Integrate software solutions for a B2B enterprise marketing strategy.

Predictable Pipeline Is Here — Find Out How To Achieve It

Solutions for your whole marketing team including marketing operations, revenue marketing and event marketing.

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Solutions for Predictable Demand Generation and Marketing Operations Excellence

For enterprise B2B marketers, Integrate provides software that help's marketing operations, demand generation, and event marketers deliver precise and measurable marketing programs. With Integrate you can activate cross-channel demand to target the right individuals, buying groups, and accounts.

Integrate enables marketing teams to break down silos and eliminate manual work by:

  • Connecting marketing technologies across your tech stack.
  • Governing lead data for accuracy, marketability, and compliance.
  • Measuring across all channels, buying groups, and accounts.

Create Meaningful Connections With Buyers Across Marketing Channels

Integrate marketing operations

Marketing Operations

Securely connect and analyze compliant data across applications and platforms.

While ensuring global compliance and security, Integrate enables marketing operations to drive connectedness between systems, data, and activities across marketing and the overall business to precisely target buying groups within key accounts with the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

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Integrate revenue marketer

Revenue Marketer

Drive pipeline while maximizing ROI.

Integrate's solutions enable revenue marketers to launch and evaluate cross-channel campaigns with 100% marketable data to build predictable pipeline that drives revenue all while maximizing ROI and budget priorities.

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Integrate event marketer

Event Marketer

Automatically and efficiently manage incoming event lead data.

Transform event interactions into pipeline and revenue by deploying Integrate Mobile Connect to deliver accurate, actionable data into your sales queue in near real-time to enable fast follow-up and personalized, effective customer experiences.

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240% increase in opportunities?

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Marketers need a unified view of the prospect and customer, and the only way to achieve that is for products to work together. When you have a disconnected tech stack, you develop data silos, process silos, and people silos. The tech stack needs to unlock the power of your data and create efficiency in processes so you can be more precise, agile, and ultimately do more. Solutions like Integrate that work to connect your data and processes create a multiplier effect on the ROI of your tech investment.

Jamie Romero

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

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