Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Integrate Insighter – your new go-to destination for cutting-edge insights tailored specifically for B2B Marketing Executives. The Integrate platform gives us a unique perspective because we sit between many of the worlds biggest B2B brands and their marketing campaigns. We work with these companies to connect the data and systems from multiple campaign sources, help them measure and increase ROI, and most importantly, ensure their data is 100% marketable. The Integrate Insighter gives us an opportunity to share the topics we discuss with our customers daily. 

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Discover the latest Integrate content, specifically crafted to assist B2B Marketers to thrive in todays fast paced and ever-evolving business environment. 

Keeping Bad Leads Out of Your Database: The 1-10-100 Rule Explained In the digital age, your data's quality is crucial for B2B marketing success. Explore our strategic analysis on applying the 1-10-100 rule to save time, resources, and boost ROI. Essential reading for businesses looking to improve lead generation and management.

Conditional Consent, GDPR, and Business Ethics: Navigating the Complex Landscape 
In today's digital landscape, mastering GDPR and conditional consent is crucial. This blog post provides a clear guide on adhering to these regulations while upholding business ethics. A must-read for businesses aiming to balance compliance with conversion objectives.

California Data Privacy Laws: CCPA & CPRA Overview The landscape of data privacy laws is always changing. Our latest blog simplifies CCPA & CPRA, offering a clear guide to compliance. Ideal for both startups and established businesses, it's your key to navigating California's data privacy laws for business benefit.

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The Integrate Team is thrilled to help some of the world's biggest brands by automatically cleaning and correcting lead data before it enters your marketing automation tool. This process can create up to a 3X increase in ROAS & ROI by replacing bad leads with high-quality ones.

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What are we reading!

You're busy and there is a lot of information out there, let us help you cut to the chase with a few articles we think a B2B Marketer like you will want to read. 

How the Pandemic Changed Marketing Channels explores pivotal trends in marketing channels that emerged amid the Covid-19 outbreak. It emphasizes on the need for broadening channels to align with customer preferences, the resurgence of face-to-face channels, the increasing use of social media as a sales platform, and the untapped potential of gamification. 

Congressional privacy bill looks to rein in data brokers  As the global data broker industry is predicted to reach $462 billion by 2031, understanding the impact this bill could have on your business is crucial. Find out the future of data privacy and how it will affect your marketing strategies. 

Hidden Potential by Adam Grant This book will challenges the way we think about talent and success. Managers are going to get a ton of great advice to lift themselves and their teams to new levels, creating a space where growth isn't limited by what you think is possible. 

Marketer of the Month

Marketer of the Month!

Since Integrate is B2B a marketing platform built for marketers, we are constantly on the lookout to see unique takes fellow marketers. This prompted us to create a "Marketer of the Month" section of the newsletter where we will highlight an industry expert (unbeknownst to them) because we appreciate the knowledge they are dropping. 

The inaugural Marketer of the Month is Alexandra Cassandro Arora, Director of Marketing Campaigns at Xactly! Alexandra's LinkedIn feed is full of useful information for marketers, but one thing we really appreciated was her reminder that April 11 was "National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day". Here's what she wrote:

"Today is a day to celebrate the behind-the-scenes heroes and heroines who are optimizing workflows, data crunching, making sure our leads get where they need to go, executing emails, and much, MUCH more. Much appreciation to all of my MOPs superheroes past and present!"

How true is this for all of us Marketers out there? Without our friends in MOPs, all those great marketing ideas would just be that, ideas. It reminded us to give a big thanks to our resident Marketing Operations Master, Casey Dingman. Alexandra, thank you for reminding us to give thanks to our partners in MOPS. 

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