B2B marketers are increasingly under pressure to track and report their team’s contribution to pipeline and revenue, and to justify their spending.

Content Syndication is a powerful tactic of a good content marketing and demand gen strategy. The advantages include reaching new and wider audiences faster, boosting your brand’s reputation and capturing high-quality leads.

According to eMarketer, 9 out of 10 US-based B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 49% in North America measure the ROI.*

While B2B marketing campaign measurement is inherently experimental, marketing teams can have success with choosing a set of metrics and the right tool to track and analyze campaign activity.

To measure effectively, you have to have the right data on campaign progress, performance and impact. The leadership team needs your marketing plan to be data-driven and optimized for spending on the areas with the greatest impact.

You need to see campaign measurement in one place rather than gathering the data from multiple systems and trying to paste together a holistic view. By pulling data from multiple systems, you end up with different views and discrepancies making it hard to gain insights.

Content Syndication Insights tells you which assets are the highest-converting and gives you real-time data so you can make adjustments and invest in the highest-performing areas.

At Integrate, we’re putting the power of campaign data at your fingertips. Integrate Insights delivers rich and real-time analysis into your marketing data. You’ll get a first glimpse at your data from a top of funnel view rather than waiting until your leads get downstream.  


(*Content Marketing Institute, 2019)

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