Here's to the marketers who see the change. And are excited to embrace it.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, you could be completely overwhelmed by the pace of change. Or, perhaps, you see the path ahead. And you’re not afraid to go there. But you’re struggling to get up to speed––in a world that suddenly revolves around the buyer.

There's no doubt we’re in the middle of an amazing transformation. But there’s a way forward. The marketing teams leading us there are silo-smashing, multi-channel mavericks. They’re launching innovative strategies that target today’s digitally savvy, remote-working buyers and groups wherever they are on their journeys.

They’re driving toward marketing’s future by making it personal, using approaches that target and engage the right people with the right messages at the right time.

They’re changing the rules of engagement. One precise connection at a time. With Precision Demand Marketing.

Precision marketing champions

These marketers are shaping the future, one buyer-centric solution at a time.


Heather Berggren, Jan Andersen, Joe Paone, and Taylor Crump discuss Splunk’s transition to Precision Demand Marketing with Integrate CMO Deb Wolf.

With Integrate, I don't have to think about data trust or normalization. It just is. We saved over 270 hours in the first few months and saw a 33% increase in lead quality as leads were passed to sales.

Toni Schmelzle

Director, Acquisition Marketing

Integrate is so critical to Dynatrace’s demand function that if we didn't work with Integrate I don't know what we would do. We'd be dead in the water.

Amy Horgan

Director, Global Digital Campaigns

Being GDPR compliant and having data that is reliable and accurate is key. Integrate's solutions fit in with Interlink's core values and its commitment to go above and beyond for its customers––being honest lead gen.

Andrew McLernon

Co-Founder and Director

How marketers are succeeding. With precision.

Creating global demand with Ivanti's Leslie Alore and Integrate's Scott Vaughan.

Integrate Precision Digital puts LeadIQ on track to $6 million in pipeline growth.

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