Demand Marketing Challenges that Integrate Solves

Let’s face it. Demand marketing is hard. You have some big goals ahead of you and they’re only getting bigger.

Integrate's Demand Orchestration Software brings control and scalability to demand marketing. Whatever your most pressing demand generation and marketing operations challenges, we’ve got a solution that will help you master demand marketing.

Can't Scale Fast Enough

  • Struggling to meet your acquisition, pipeline or revenue goals?
  • Restricted to only a small handful of lead providers?
  • Need to figure out how to execute an account-based marketing (ABM) or predictive program?

If you’re responsible for demand generation, it’s no longer about just getting leads. You’re expected to master all channels, tackle ABM and predictive, and contribute to sales pipeline – when in reality, you may still be trying to figure out how to meet this quarter’s lead quota.

The Integrate platform is built for demand marketers to scale pipeline and revenue. Centralize your current lead providers and discover hundreds of new B2B lead data sources. Easily execute ABM and predictive demand generation programs to fill your pipeline with targeted and qualified prospects so you can crush your quarterly goals.

Wasted Time & Spreadsheet Hell

  • Managing top-funnel channels and lead providers draining team resources?
  • Sick of spending hours sorting through spreadsheets of lead data?
  • Manually uploading leads into marketing automation?

It takes a lot of effort to discover and engage new prospects. You must master a growing number of channels and engagement tactics, while managing numerous sources and a ton of content. But that’s really only the beginning. If you’re in marketing operations, you’re managing a mass of data across disconnected systems and spending half your time processing spreadsheets.

Integrate’s software automates your top-of-funnel marketing programs to free up your time for more important strategic initiatives. Manage all third-party lead data, event data and inbound data from one dashboard. Launch new campaigns in minutes. And say goodbye to spreadsheets.



Crappy Leads & Low Conversions

  • Wasting budget on poor quality leads that you can’t qualify or route for follow up?
  • Taking too long to get leads into marketing automation for nurture and follow-up?
  • Sales not converting your leads to opportunities?

Lead data can be a pretty mixed bag regardless of its source. It’s next to impossible to ensure its accuracy and the format rarely matches the fields in your database. It often takes multiple engagements to gather enough info on new prospects to move them through your pipeline. And even then, conversion rates can be low.

Integrate’s data integrity solution provides a multi-step process to ensure lead data is accurate and meets your criteria so you never have to pay for bad leads. It then standardizes lead data to match your database fields so it can be easily imported. You can also enhance leads with appended data points to inform follow-up and create new opportunities more quickly.

Little Insight Into What's Working

  • No idea which top-funnel channels, sources or content are delivering the most value?
  • Need to prove ROI on your demand strategy to your C-suite?
  • Waiting until the end of the quarter to optimize programs?

Sometimes it seems like no matter how much time you spend preparing reports you still can’t figure out what’s working at the top of the funnel. Even if you’re successful at getting the data you need, being able to act on it is an entirely different story. 

Integrate’s software makes it easy to get the data you need when you need it, and to act on that data quickly and easily. With real-time integrations, closed-loop KPI reporting and in-flight campaign optimization tools, you’re empowered to make intelligent demand marketing decisions that will improve ROI and drive revenue.

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