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Impact and Actions – Events and Coronavirus Round Table #2

Previously Recorded on Thursday, May 14, 2020

The second round table discussion as part of our “Impact & Action” series, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the knock-on effect on the B2B events industry.    

As the global pandemic continues, we’ve seen hundreds of B2B events postponed or cancelled and a dramatic shift towards digital experiences over recent weeks. B2B marketing and sales teams continue to explore alternative channels and opportunities to generate demand in place of physical events.   

At the same time, organizers and event industry suppliers’ race to accommodate the “new normal” whilst preparing for the return of physical events later this year.  

Join Chris Wickson, GM of Integrate’s Event Lead Management solution along with Laura McCartney, Head of Exhibitor Experience at Informa Markets EMEA, Susan Cummings, Global Events Coordinator at Andor Technology and Rocky Citti, Senior Director, Technology Solutions at Freeman as they discuss:     

  • Zero events in Q2: how are businesses and organizers reacting now and in the coming weeks?  
  • Virtual events: the good (and bad!) experiences so far, and what role do we see them playing in the future when physical events return?  
  • Looking ahead: timelines and approaches for the return of physical events  
  • 2021: Re-imagining event strategy  

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