Reclaiming event ROI.

Reclaiming Event ROI: Take control of event lead data to boost quality and accelerate revenue

Webinar Recorded on August 21st

Join Integrate for an exclusive webinar to learn how forward-thinking B2B marketers are harnessing the power of face-to-face events, and turning them into a key revenue channel.

Physical events account for approximately 18% of total marketing budget spend, making them the biggest single area of investment for B2B marketers. Yet we’re often still unable to quantify success. Why?

Despite advances in marketing technology, when it comes to exhibiting, we’re still left using old-school lead capture methods like paper forms, badge scanners and business cards. The result? Poor quality leads, slow follow-up and missed sales opportunities.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • why the exhibition industry is holding back B2B marketers from maximizing ROI
  • how modern marketers can evolve their approach to exhibiting by taking a unified view of event lead management
  • a closer look at real world examples of event lead management success

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