Marketing Orchestration and How to Improve the Impact of Your Marketing and Revenue Generation

Recorded on January 29, 2020

We’re at an inflection point in B2B marketing. The first-generation approach to “Modern Marketing”––powered by digital lead gen, inbound, content-driven and database marketing––is running out of steam as executive and customer expectations rise.

B2B teams are turning to Marketing Orchestration to fuel today’s more-complex revenue generation requirements. This evolved approach offers CMOs, MOPs and digital demand leaders a unique opportunity to orchestrate data, systems, programs and experiences, while adding new levels of intelligence and activation.

In this 45-minute webinar hosted by Integrate and featuring Kerry Cunningham Sr., Research Director at Sirius Decisions and Mike Riding, Director, Digital Marketing at Workfront, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on how you and your revenue generation team can deliver new levels of business outcomes, including how to:

  • Advance from first generation marketing automation to orchestration
  • Intelligently engage buying committees at target accounts and create buyer’s journeys
  • Streamline and integrate your demand effort with your existing systems, data and processes
  • Increase data quality to fuel programs, performance and sales and marketing productivity
  • Deliver business outcomes via pipeline and revenue generation

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