Integrate and SiriusDecisions Webinar

Marketing Orchestration and How to Improve the Impact of Your Marketing and Revenue Generation

Recorded on January 29, 2020

We’re at an inflection point in B2B marketing. The first-generation approach to “Modern Marketing”––powered by digital lead gen, inbound, content-driven and database marketing––is running out of steam as executive and customer expectations rise.

B2B teams are turning to Marketing Orchestration to fuel today’s more-complex revenue generation requirements. This evolved approach offers CMOs, MOPs and digital demand leaders a unique opportunity to orchestrate data, systems, programs and experiences, while adding new levels of intelligence and activation.

In this 45-minute webinar hosted by Integrate and featuring Kerry Cunningham Sr., Research Director at Sirius Decisions and Mike Riding, Director, Digital Marketing at Workfront, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on how you and your revenue generation team can deliver new levels of business outcomes, including how to:

  • Advance from first generation marketing automation to orchestration
  • Intelligently engage buying committees at target accounts and create buyer’s journeys
  • Streamline and integrate your demand effort with your existing systems, data and processes
  • Increase data quality to fuel programs, performance and sales and marketing productivity
  • Deliver business outcomes via pipeline and revenue generation

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