Account-Based Demand Generation

A successful account-based marketing (ABM) strategy requires more than unified sales-marketing goals and an intelligent account list. A critical step to success is engaging specific decision-makers within target organizations who can move opportunities forward.

Integrate delivers an orchestrated approach to engage and convert target-account contacts who will have the biggest impact on pipeline. For a quick look at how Integrate's ABM Solution helps you generate interest among target-account decision-makers, check out this quick video.


Account-Based Targeting

A holistic ABM program starts with establishing account- and persona-based targeting that can easily be applied to your demand generation campaigns. Integrate’s software makes it easy to:

  • Sync target-account data from ABM, predictive analytics, marketing automation and CRM systems with the Integrate platform
  • Implement important contact- and company criteria, such as job title, decision-maker status, company size and annual revenue
  • Continually update account-based targeting using program performance data at various stages and evolving predictive models

See how our Demand Orchestration Software gives you the control to target specific contacts and companies.

Decision-Maker Engagement

The software centralizes top-funnel ABM campaigns, automating program management so you can effectively engage and convert new decision-makers at targeted accounts with less effort.

  • Quickly build, clone and alter ABM campaign templates to launch customized campaigns within minutes
  • Store and access all ABM campaign assets like eBooks, guides, case studies, webcasts, etc.
  • Connect campaigns with qualified lead sources who will leverage your branded content to engage target-account decision makers
  • Generate leads from relevant company decision makers with specific job title, role, and division
  • Monitor ABM campaigns at source level and in aggregate for a unified view of lead pacing and performance

Learn how Integrate's Account-Based Demand Generation Solution can advance your ABM strategy.



Actionable ABM Data

To increase conversion rates and drive pipeline value, ABM lead data must be accurate, complete and marketable before it enters your MA or CRM system. Rely on the software to:

  • Filter out untargeted accounts and decision makers (e.g., irrelevant domains, job titles, roles, etc.) based on your defined contact and company criteria
  • Validate email address and phone number for effective follow-up
  • Enhance account-based leads with firmographic and professional info to move prospects through pipeline faster
  • De-duplicate leads according to your specific terms to maximize budget and impact
  • Standardize lead data to match your database formatting
  • Inject decision-maker data directly into your MA and/or CRM system, saving time, budget and database costs.

Learn more about Integrate’s data integrity capabilities.

Real-Time ABM Program Measurement

Make informed decisions regarding your ABM programs by correlating top-funnel activities with low-funnel performance data, like pipeline value and closed-won opportunities. Integrate’s closed-loop reporting pulls conversion data from your MA and CRM systems so you can optimize programs in-flight based on which campaigns, sources, content and accounts are driving the most:

  • Decision-makers from your target-account list
  • Sales pipeline opportunitiesand new customers
  • Customers with the highest lifetime value

Dive deeper into Integrate’s Account-Based Demand Generation Solution in this overview.