Account-Based Demand Generation

Integrate’s innovative approach to account-based marketing targets your key accounts with a combination of programmatic advertising and content syndication, resulting in better leads that are more likely to become opportunities.


Innovative Account-Based Demand Generation

Successful B2B marketers utilize account-based marketing to get their messages in front of decision-makers and prospective buyers at key target accounts. ABDG allows you to align your demand initiatives across your entire funnel and achieve maximum growth by identifying and taking action on the most qualified, engaged accounts. Account-Based Demand Generation means you can combine your lead generation strategies with targeted digital advertising to generate more actionable leads and create valuable impressions.


Decision-Maker Engagement

Leverage the multiplier effect of running your ABDG content syndication program and digital advertising programs in tandem while you get your message in front of the people you care about – and who will care about your product offering. Once we help you identify and engage those key personas, you’ll get access to Integrate’s network of 150+ content syndication providers and targeted ad inventory on 3,000+ web sites. Integrate will enable you to discover new prospective accounts, identify and engage the buyers at your prospective accounts, and communicate the value of your solution to those buyers.



Actionable Data

Integrate guarantees a specific number of leads and ad impressions from your target accounts, ensuring a higher rate of return on your ABM campaigns. As lead data is obtained, Integrate will filter out unqualified leads and then standardize and de-dupe the data before injecting it directly into your CRM or marketing automation tool. Qualified and verified leads can then go directly to sales reps or into a nurture and education campaign to help you create an efficient customer lifecycle that helps your business grow sales and stop wasting time.


Analytics for Optimization

Integrate is not only a powerful tool to help you decrease your cost per impression and save time; our campaign analytics will help you refine and optimize your ABM strategy while our world-class service team provides you with dedicated expertise and care. Our outcomes reporting will easily show you which accounts, campaigns, sources, and content are driving the best results so you can truly maximize your marketing expenditures. Take your B2B marketing to the next level with Integrate – our products and services are trusted by industry pros like Microsoft, Salesforce, and Iron Mountain.