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Living the culture pillars

At Integrate our culture stands on five pillars. They’re our touch points for how we act and speak. Each one is a critical ingredient in defining who we are.

performance that delivers value image

Performance that delivers value.

At Integrate, performance means answering the question "What can I do today to add more value for our customers and my colleagues?" It is also about finding the courage to be the CEO of our jobs, regardless of our titles. 

innovation in meeting

Innovation that has impact.

We innovate by building long-term customer value while not being distracted by the hot trend of the day. It's about feeding our intellectual curiosities and moving quickly to bring new solutions to market.

we work happy

We work happy.

Our happiness pillar is the foundation for a work culture in which talented, creative people can thrive. Our positive energy not only makes us happy, it generates the innovative thinking, the give and take of great ideas, and the continuous improvement that are essential to the success of our relationships with B2B marketers. 

trust at integrate

Trust that strengthens teams.

Trust is building credibility with follow-through over time. It begins with the freedom to be the most authentic version of ourselves while engaging with humility as our default. Be transparent and truthful with your leader, team, and colleagues. 

radical candor at integrate

Radical candor that fuels growth.

Radical Candor is caring personally while challenging directly. At its core, Radical Candor is guidance and feedback that's both kin and clear, specific and sincere. 

We celebrate each other. We share credit for jobs well done. We stay humble. We have each other’s backs. We believe that by doing these things, we can deliver happiness every day. And, in the process, we can consistently surprise and delight our customers and our internal team.

Employee Success Programs

How we make great people even greater.

Reaching higher

Our leadership training programs are custom designed modules that educate on how to lead with empathy and enable psychologically safe environments.

Yes, yes we do

Our corporate social responsibility program spans various employee volunteer initiatives. We are committed to giving back to our employees and global community.

A fitness movement

Our employee well-being initiative includes resources to support mental health, financial health, and physical health.

Uniquely different

Our diversity and inclusion initiative ensures that employees feel welcome just the way they are.

Celebrating Women

An initiative aimed at celebrating and supporting our amazing female employees at Integrate.

Where work meets life

Integrate’s culture club is our connective tissue that brings our pillars to life. Culture Connectors lead social connection driven events to strike a balance between work and fun.

Resources for life

Whatever living and working has handed out—these resources are available to you.


Integrate’s leadership cares about individuals and strives to create an environment that allows for both vocational success and personal happiness. Technology decisions are made collaboratively. Engineers are empowered to pursue quality rather than being expected to crank out subpar solutions in order to meet deadlines. In short, Integrate hires amazing people, treats them well, and trusts them to do good work.

Aaron Hall

Software Engineering Team Lead at Integrate


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